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Approximately 1 in 4 people here in the UK will experience a mental health problem in any given year.

Using the power of football and an ethos of 'tackling the mind', we are providing peer support for those who struggle with poor mental health, mental ill health, and social isolation. 

Her Game Too



Kick Start FC were invited to the annual Tidworth Town Community Awards as were named in the 'Community Group' and 'Community Volunteer' categories.


We are pleased to announce we have formed a partnership with Her Game Too with the aim of encouraging more young women and adults to get involved in football to tackle their mental health.

Kick Start FC End Of Year Celebration 2023
Annual Salisbury Mental Health Gala


As our third year of being a charity comes to a close, we held our first ever 'End Of Year Celebration' event to highlight the achievements of our charity and our service users in 2023.


The third annual Salisbury Mental Health Gala took place on Saturday the 25th of November at the Guildhall. The beneficiaries for this years gala were Kick Start FC and Salisbury's Women's Refuge



About Kick Start FC

Founded in 2020, we are a mental health charity based in Tidworth, Wiltshire created with the purpose of challenging the stigma and encouraging people to 'tackle the mind' through the medium of football.

Kick Start FC Football Therapy

Football Therapy is designed to support those struggling with poor mental health, mental ill health, and social isolation. Each session is designed to provide service users peer support and a safe space in the form of a football pitch.

Kick Start FC Get Involved

Our services are exclusive to those who need support improving their mental wellbeing and social wellbeing. Out Football Therapy sessions are FREE to attend to ensure our services are accessible to those who need them.



"Kick Start FC has been amazing and has helped me in so many ways. It has allows me to get out of the house, do something fun, and give myself a bit of escapism. The open discussions on mental wellbeing gives me a place where I don't feel alone. I am so grateful for the people I have met and for the friends I have made along the way." - Men's Football Therapy Participant

Kick Start FC Testimonial
Kick Start FC Testimonial

"Kick Start FC is great! Everyone is friendly and supportive.  It's good to get out and get some fresh air and blow off steam whilst at the same time getting a bit of much needed exercise. As my football skills (non existent) improve so does my confidence" -

Walking Football Therapy Participant

Kick Start FC Testimonial

"Kick Start FC is something that I can look forward to each week. It gives me an outlet for my mental health, whether that is to losing myself within the session or to just talk and listen to others. It has also given me the opportunity to play football despite getting on in years. I am now more able to talk about my mental health - particularly when I am at work. " - Women's Football Therapy Participant

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