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Founded in 2020, Kick Start FC is a mental health charity that uses football as a tool to help men, women, and teenagers manage the symptoms of mental health problems and reduce social isolation. 1 in 4 people here in the UK will experience a mental health problem in any given year. Although mental health problems are common, many people still don't get the help they need due to the stigma that attaches itself to the subject. These barriers can make a person feel afraid to reach out and prevent them from seeking the help or treatment they need to improve the symptoms and ease the burden. By using the power of football and the ethos of 'tackling the mind', we are challenging these barriers and offering service users a safe space that allows them to build the tools towards mental resilience and improve their social wellbeing. 

Womens Football Therapy


To encourage those who are struggling to manage symptoms of poor mental health,  mental ill health, or social isolation to "kick start" their journey to recovery and offer an intervention to help people develop tools to ease the symptoms of a mental health problem.

Mens Football Therapy


To ensure that the football pitch remains a safe space for all of our service users and create an environment where everyone in attendance can enjoy participating in football therapy sessions without the fear of being judged.



To make conversations surrounding mental health and social isolation just as easy as they are when talking about football.

That those struggling with poor mental health, mental ill health and social isolation can be included in football groups around the globe.



Kick Start FC 172 Registered Users 2022


Registered users for our football therapy services in 2023.

148 hours of free football therapy Kick Start FC


Hours of FREE football therapy sessions delivered in 2023.


Awards received for recognition of our service in 2023.

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