Founded in 2020, Kick Start FC was created with the purpose of 'Tackling The Mind'. We are a voluntary organisation and by using the power of football we aim to support men and women in our local community who may be experiencing episodes of poor mental health.  To help with our mission we offer various outlets such as FREE football training sessions, Team Talk, Group Walks amongst other projects to encourage people to get get active and manage symptoms of their mental wellbeing. We also aim to create a better understanding of mental wellbeing amongst the general public to help put the boot in and tackle the stigma that attaches itself to the subject of mental health. We cannot cure poor mental wellbeing but we can help 'kick start' the process of understanding and recovery.

Football is the most popular sport, not only here in the UK, but worldwide, with there being an estimated 3.5 billion football fans around the globe. Football has that special ability to bring people together and is often seen as the conversation starter amongst people which is better known as "the common ground".


The popularity of football has presented the sport with multiple outlets such as TV, Social Media, Community Groups, Fanzines, Podcasts and we are looking to utilise these tools to help with our mission. By exploring these avenues we hope to reach a wider audience and hopefully encourage anyone who is currently struggling with their mental wellbeing to get involved in our activities.

Our sessions are specifically designed to offer participants the following:

Social Benefits

. Socialising and getting to know people

. Gaining a sense of belonging

. Taking your mind off things

. Meeting people who understand your situation

. Talk about your problems

. Seeing other peoples recovery

Mental Health & Wellbeing

. Encourage participants to get active and regain fitness

. Develop a positive mindset and increase confidence levels

. Gain a sense of achievement and a lift in morale

. Doing something fun

. Mental benefits of endorphins and adrenaline

Physical Health

. Increase physical and mental fitness

. Lowered cholesterol and blood pressure