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World Suicide Prevention Day Tournament

Sunday 10th September 2023

Every year on the 10th of September the world comes together to raise awareness of suicide prevention. World Suicide Prevention Day is day that focuses attention on the issue, reduces stigma and raises awareness among organizations, government, and the public, giving a singular message that suicide can be prevented.

An estimated 703,000 people a year take their life around the world. For every suicide, there are likely 20 other people making a suicide attempt and many more have serious thoughts of suicide. Millions of people suffer intense grief or are otherwise profoundly impacted by suicidal behaviours. Each suicidal death is a public health concern with a profound impact on those around them. By raising awareness, reducing the stigma around suicide, and encouraging well-informed action, we can reduce instances of suicide around the world.


To play our part in raising awareness and encouraging conversations, we held a suicide prevention day football tournament with service users from all of our adult football therapy sessions and invited members of the local community to come along and watch.


Photos - Andrew Palk Photography

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