Talking about your feelings and your mental health can sometimes be challenging. You might not know how to start the conversation or how to get things off of your chest. You might be worried that you struggle to explain things clearly and that people might take things out of context. Part of our mission on 'tackling the mind' is to help people feel comfortable in having the conversation that can lead to understanding and recovery.

Team Talk is a talking support group the runs every month which gives participants the opportunity to open up and talk about their mental health, share experiences and learn in a non-judgemental environment. Talking about our mental health allows us to take charge of our feelings and helps us eradicate the stigma that attaches itself to the subject. Someone's story can inspire someone else to talk about their own and help reduce suicide rates.


Our Team Talk sessions are run by a Mental Health First Aider and we also look to bring in guest speakers that specialise in Mental Health and in particular talking about mental health.  These sessions are FREE to attend and are open to anyone aged 16 and over.

If you would like to learn more or get involved with our Team Talk sessions then please feel to email us by clicking here or alternatively follow us on facebook here for regular updates.

"It's so common, it could affect anyone. The trouble is nobody wants to talk about it and that's what makes it worse."


It is important to understand that some mental health conditions can make us feel isolated and lonely. It's common to feel worried about upsetting someone and become anxious about how people might react to the conversation, It is also common to ask how opening up and talking about your feelings may affect any relationships. Team Talk is designed to help overcome these anxieties and to offer support to anyone who struggles to talk.

As mental health problems continue to increase along with the waiting times to be seen by mental health services we believe it is important to have offer a platform that offers early intervention which is the key to managing mental health. Team Talk offers a support network to those in our local community. It offers people a place to come to talk and listen and create an understanding of mental health.