Zero Suicide Alliance Isolation Awareness Course

Monday 16th May 2022

Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) have developed a fantastic Isolation Awareness Course that teaches you the skills and knowledge you need to help a family member, friend, colleague of even a stranger in the street that feels isolated. 

Scenarios, real life stories and resources will help guide you through what to do, should the situation arise. 


This course takes 20 minutes to complete and is FREE of charge. Everyone should be encouraged to take part in this awareness course.


"Mental Health Awareness week may have come to and end but loneliness doesn't just disappear now. Mental health needs a spotlight shone upon it all year round and we will continue to play our part in doing this. We encourage everyone to play their part also and learn more about what they can do to help and spot the warning signs in the people around us." - Michael Cunningham (Kick Start FC Founder)


This course is available to anyone but is recommended for anyone aged 16 or over. 


Within the course you will learn:

. Understand what social isolation is

. How this how changed in light of the coronavirus pandemic

. How to help someone who is socially isolated

. Recognise signs of suicidality

. Offer emotional support


Click here to begin the ZSA Suicide Awareness Course. Once completed, why not post your certificate on our facebook page?