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Back in February Kick Start FC had the pleasure of welcoming Lucie Jones to our Football Therapy Sessions. Last year Lucie raised an incredible £14,630 by hosting a Mental Health Awareness Gala at The Guildhall in Salisbury. The money raised was donated to the Lions Barber Collective and Salisbury Samaritans who do amazing work to support those with poor mental health.  

Lucie had got in touch with us to enquire about they work we do and what we hoped to achieve in the next five years. To further the conversation we invited Lucie to come along and attend our football therapy sessions to see first hand how we are using football to encourage people to 'tackle the mind' and to explain our five year plan. 

During the conversation Lucie declared that she would like to put Kick Start FC forward as one of the beneficiary's for this years Mental Health Awareness Gala. 

"I am completely speechless at this act of kindness. I cannot thank Lucie enough for not only take the time to meet me and everyone here at Kick Start FC, but for believing in what we do and what we are trying to achieve. This is a great opportunity that will allow us to shine a spotlight on Kick Start FC to a wider audience and hopefully reach out to more people who are currently struggling alone." - Michael Cunningham (Founder of Kick Start FC)

The upcoming Mental Health Awareness Gala will be held at The Gray Manor Hotel in Cholderton on Saturday the 19th of November 2022. The evening will consist of a three-course meal, live music from local band 'The Treblemakers' and a fundraising raffle. 

Attending the Mental Health Awareness Gala is David Smith aka The Mindset Soldier (see right) who uses the power social media to share his important messages regarding mental health. David grew up in care from the age of five years old where he was physically and mentally abused. His mum passed away when he was 16 and his father passed away when he was 19. He was homeless and lived on the streets. At age 19 he joined the army and served two tours of Afghanistan and received a mention in dispatches for gallantry for saving his friends life after he was shot in the head. 

Also talking on the night is ex-serving soldier Corporal Brian Green who also uses social media to share his messages of suicide prevention. Brian has also attempted to take his own life. 


"Mental Health is an invisible killer that breaks the strongest men. I began to fight this invisible demon, sharing my story to prevent others from following my path. I'm still fighting every day with PTSD and suicidal thoughts. I want to show you all that there's help out there, don't be afraid to speak out." - Corporal Brian Green

If you would like to purchase tickets and attend this amazing event, please call Lucie Jones on 07719058024 or send an email to Lucie at