If you’re worried about your mental health, one of the most helpful things you can do is tell someone about it. We know it might be scary but sharing how you’re feeling can be therapeutic

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How do I talk about my mental health?

Putting your feelings into words is sometimes difficult. It’s perfectly normal to be worried that you might say the wrong thing or explain it badly. It’s also natural to feel anxious that your loved one or friend might think your mental health is worse than you might feel it is.

Try not to worry – talking about your mental health is incredibly important when it comes to getting the right support for you and with the right preparation the conversation can be easier than you think it might be.

Below are a few tips on how to talk about your mental health.

Preparing To Talk About Your Mental Health?

Firstly, remember that some mental health conditions can make you feel isolated and lonely, so the first step really is acknowledging that and reaching out.

Writing a list of how you feel or things you want to speak about

  • Researching some online resources that you can share or refer to when talking about what’s going on

  • It planning to talk to a partner or friend or family member, setting a time to meet up, when you know you won’t be distracted or disturbed

Remember, that it’s okay to talk about your mental health.  


Who Should I Talk To About My Mental Health?

There are lots of people you can talk to about your mental health. The most important thing is that you trust that person and while it might feel difficult, you feel safe telling them. Here are some options:

- Your GP

- Charities and Mental Health Services

- Friends and Family

- A boyfriend, girlfriend or partner

- Peer support and Group Therapies

Legally there’s no expectation on you to tell anybody about your mental health. So, if you’re worried about telling your employer or a lecturer or teacher, don’t worry. You get to choose who you tell, when and how you feel comfortable